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Om oss

Everthing started one evening, four guys known each other forever, so it seems. Each one of us have our own seperate buisnesses and was just talking about how much fun it would be to have something together. We’re all foodies, everywhere we travel, it’s all about the food not the tourist attraction, so the idea of a ramen shop came about.

Years went by, then suddenly a pandemic broke out in the world. This gave us the opportunity to realise our idea, that started a long time ago.

Let us present SIN ramen!

We’re so passionate about food. When we started this journey, we said there will be no shortcut. We’re going to do everything from scratch, the broth, the noodles. So the experimentations started, doing thousands of liter of broth, every liter different from the other. Hundreds of batches of noodles, every batch diffrent from the other.

Then came our first restaurant together. What came clear is our high ambitions. Not only did we want to make great ramen, but also the best asian inspired drinks.


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